A car is more than just an investment. For many people, it’s a necessity. As U.S. cities continue to grow and evolve, the rate of car ownership is keeping pace. In fact, car ownership in the United States has been trending upward, with 91.3 percent of households in the country reported having access to at least one vehicle.

Although car ownership is considered necessary by many, aspiring car owners are also exploring new mobility options, such as car sharing. With most cars sitting parked for hours and the COVID-19 pandemic restricting travel, owning a car has become one of the most underutilized and expensive assets for many households. It only makes sense that many people are seeking alternatives to car ownership. In fact, a study conducted by ABI Research predicts that 400 million people will rely on robotic car sharing by 2030. Since car-sharing is gaining immense popularity, app development is in high demand.

So how can businesses - particularly automotive manufacturers - keep up with this shift? Keep reading to learn more about car-sharing app development and how your business can stay competitive.

How Do App Developers Meet Consumers’ Needs?

While research done by KPMG shows that 32 percent of consumers prefer owning a vehicle instead of using car-sharing apps, these numbers will likely change as more drivers, especially younger ones, report being open to sharing rides with others. In addition to saving time and money, car sharing eases road congestion and reduces the consumption of diesel, gas, and transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Businesses and entrepreneurs have seen this shift and recognize the opportunity to innovate and invest in the car-sharing space. To meet consumers’ rising demand for car sharing, many businesses have partnered with app developers to build ride-sharing app solutions that enable passenger-to-passenger vehicle sharing among travelers on common routes.  

How Do Car-Sharing Apps Affect Automotive Manufacturers?

Due to changing demands, automotive manufacturers have to pivot to respond to consumers’ needs with the right products and services. One way to do this is to position themselves to capitalize on car-sharing opportunities. For example, automakers can incorporate a car-sharing feature into a vehicle’s design through app development and even create car-sharing networks through dealers and lessors to stay profitable despite decreased individual car sales.

How Can My Business Build a Car-Sharing App?

If you are an automaker or entrepreneur and want to take advantage of the increased demand for car-sharing, consider working with a developer to create an app. To ensure that you meet your users’ needs and create an effective app, be sure to research the market and your competitors, develop marketing strategies, meet legal requirements, and determine how to monetize your app. Hiring a team of experienced developers will be critical and can help your business think through key features, functionality, and design of your app.


With changing trends in mobility and transportation, consumers and automotive manufacturers can benefit from the popularity of car sharing. Passengers and drivers can have more affordable and efficient transportation options and automakers can implement strategies to boost their sales and stay relevant.
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