As technology development and production evolves, interest in becoming part of the industry is increasing rapidly. In fact, at least 137,000 startup companies are rising daily in the hopes of becoming the next big thing in technology. However, as a result, there is now a shortage of developers as supply struggles to keep up with demand. Companies face challenges in finding and recruiting excellent, experienced, and skilled software developers to build a robust in-house team. And if you’re in a competitive market like London or New York, it can be prohibitively expensive to build that type of capability.

That’s where outsourcing micro teams comes in. In this article, we’ll explore what a micro team is, how it can benefit your software development, and how outsourcing it could be your best bet.

What Is a Micro Team?

A micro team, as the name suggests, is a small team of about three to four people. That number can grow in some circumstances, but would be atypical. At its core, the aim of a micro team is to have an intense focus on getting the project at hand done. As a result, companies with micro teams are better able to manage their resources and hit deadlines faster than ever. Micro teams may sit in-house and be full-time employees or, as we’ll explore later, they could be outsourced for a specific project.

What are the Benefits of a Micro Team?

When a company has a software development project on deck, the first thing to consider is who is going to get the work done. A micro team may just be the solution as it offers multiple benefits:

  • A Better Chance of Hiring Developers

As we noted earlier, it can be expensive and time consuming to build a large in-house software development team. But by focusing on a small group of experts, you lower the cost of hiring a team and can make more attractive offers to candidates. An even better solution that could also help your bottom line is outsourcing your micro team. By hiring an agency, you’ll get their best developers on the project and save the time typically spent needing to recruit, interview, and onboard in-house employees. And with an outsourced team, you only pay for their time, unlike a full-team employee who you’ll need to offer benefits, paid time off, office space, and more.

  • Increased Productivity

A micro team allows companies to maximize productivity by training the team to work in a specific way where each member has a specific role or responsibility. A micro team allows you to keep adding important new tasks or needs “on the go”  without starting over every time. A micro team can keep working on important elements on the side and then plug into a larger, more overarching project later. This approach can speed up production time, testing, implementation, and rollout.

  • More Flexibility

A micro team provides better flexibility compared to a larger team. Typically, a traditional large team structure consists of separate sub-teams with their own specific expertise, such as a separate backend team, frontend team DevOps team, etc. This can lead to hierarchical disputes and challenges and a lack of ownership over their work.  But a micro team is usually flatter and is made up of experts who can collaborate and shuffle responsibilities to get the project done, which often results in a higher-quality product delivered on time.

Outsourcing a micro team

If your business has a software project that could best be achieved with a micro team, you may be wondering how to recruit one. At Everestek, we specialize in creating, modernizing, and accelerating digital initiatives, and are experts at executing software development projects. Your business may benefit from outsourcing a micro team from an agency like us, to help get your project done.

Before reaching out to outsource a micro team, it’s important to clearly define your project so that you know what the end product needs to be to ensure its success. From there, consider collaborating with other internal stakeholders to make sure you’ve considered all the needs and challenges for the end product.

Once you have a firm vision of your project, it’s time to research! When looking for the right partner you’ll want to consider their experience, approach to working, and how they’re going to staff your project. With all of the knowledge you have about micro teams, you’ll be a total pro in requesting that from your partner so you can get a great product, at a great price. At Everestek, our approach is to not just be a service delivery vendor but a strategic partner to our clients helping them make better products with the production quality standards. We offer our clients the unique expertise we’ve gained from our one-of-a-kind experiences with our partners and customers.


The global demand for expert software developers is not going to decrease anytime soon so it’s important that businesses find creative ways to staff their projects. Leveraging a micro team can help increase productivity, provide flexibility, and save your business time and money. And outsourcing a micro team from an experienced agency is a great way to ensure you get the best developers on your project.

Everestek is a modern technology services company with two decades of unique business know-how and technical expertise to implement digital solutions that are focused on user experience, automation and quality. If you’re looking for a great software development partner, reach out today.