Many companies are making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint by going paperless and finding ways to streamline work processes across multiple teams and departments. One of the best ways that businesses can do this - while staying innovative - is to transition to cloud computing services.

If your business is looking to create an effective office network and be kinder to Mother Earth, keep reading to learn more about how cloud computing can contribute to an environmentally friendly workplace.

Cloud Computing and Eco-Friendly Initiatives

The benefits of cloud computing are seemingly endless:  it’s cost effective, convenient, and scalable, making it a must-have for many business operations. Here are some of the best benefits that cloud computing has to offer your business:

Increase the Use of Renewable Energy Resources

There has been a massive shift from using fossil fuels to more renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. This shift has come about as an effort to save natural resources and be more responsible stewards of the environment. One such shift includes using cloud data centers, which are more convenient and use less resources than physical data centers.

Shared Data Centers

One data center can allow a business to run at full capacity which means that fewer data centers are needed for multiple companies to work at normal speeds. Cloud computing technology is also extremely scalable and can take on multiple servers if necessary. In turn, this regulates the number of machines that need to be turned on at a given time, cutting down on energy usage.

Decrease in Automobile Emissions

With the rise in remote workforces across many industries, fewer employees are commuting to and from work every day. With cloud computing, teams can easily collaborate with one another from different locations and they can access servers and the requisite information they need to do their jobs. With fewer cars on the road, businesses can directly contribute to lower carbon emissions.

Reduce Carbon Footprints

With all of these combined advantages, the rise of cloud computing technology will make working and collaborating as a team easier while also significantly reducing the use of paper and other non-renewable resources. Transitioning to eco-friendly cloud computing initiatives will not only allow your business to help the environment, it can also keep you competitive and attract and retain great talent.


Making the shift to automated cloud services can make your company more efficient and allow your business systems to be less reliant on the planet’s natural resources. Migrating your office systems and daily operations to a cloud computing system can also future-proof your business and ensure you’re staying competitive and innovative.

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