Mobile traffic to websites, apps, and other digital platforms has now surpassed visits from desktops, and this trend is likely to continue upward in the coming years. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are easier to access than ever, and since they offer convenience on-the-go, people often use them for every day web surfing and online tasks without switching to laptops or desktop computers.

Going mobile-first means designing your business’s digital platforms with mobile users in mind. That could mean designing your company's mobile apps and website capabilities with mobile users in mind rather than desktop users.

To do this, you must start a digital transformation to provide a positive user experience that is as successful on mobile devices as it is on desktop computers. Ensuring your platforms are responsive and easy to use on mobile could give you an edge over competitors, expand your customer base, and help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the digital transformation landscape.

Why Is a Mobile-First Approach Important?

Google stated in 2015 that it would evaluate the mobile-friendliness of any website when ranking pages. This is just one reason to make sure your website and other platforms are mobile responsive. If you run a company website or plan to create one, it is a must to ensure that it works well on any screen size to meet customer expectations and rank high in online searches. Additionally, about 75% of consumers choose a mobile-friendly website, making it a critical move for your business.

Advantages of a Mobile-First Strategy

As more companies adopt this kind of strategy, it is critical to understand its worth and the benefits it may provide to your company.

  • Connect with Your Audience

The number of mobile phone users around the world has already surpassed 6.95 billion and you can easily connect with them when you include mobile marketing in your promotional tactics and integrate mobile-friendly design. This type of marketing strategy can not only improve consumer reach but also open doors to new market segments that your brand also appeals to.

  • Build Relationship and Loyalty

If you want to focus on repeat business and build a strong brand, you need to invest in mobile marketing, including the development of a mobile app. A native app, as opposed to just visiting your website, is another method to strengthen your brand's connection with your consumers and allows for on-demand engagement with your brand, even after you’ve closed a sale.

Moreover, it can also be a quick and easy method for completing transactions. Mobile friendly digital platforms can make purchases and check-out simple for customers, earning you repeat customers and brand loyalty.

  • Provide New Revenue Stream

By opting for a mobile-first strategy, you have the option to add revenue streams to your business. For instance, mobile apps provide a variety of monetization methods, such as offering freemium and premium services to mobile users. This approach means that consumers can install your app for free and utilize restricted features. If you’ve provided them with a great user experience, they’ll likely want more and will subscribe to a paid premium service to unlock additional features.

  • Provide Insights

Having a mobile app or mobile-friendly website is also an excellent method to get valuable insights about user behavior over time. That may lead to data-driven decisions that can assist you in achieving the goals and growth of your company. Data tracking also allows you to customize your marketing strategies depending on what your target audience prefers. That can result in a positive user experience that can drive better engagement while boosting conversions and your bottom line.

Final Thoughts

To compete in today's digital market and stay relevant to your target audience, you must use various marketing strategies for your company. Leaning on a mobile-first approach is no longer a choice; it is now a must if you want your business to thrive. If done correctly, going mobile-first will provide excellent results that will give your business the success it needs right now and in the coming years.

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