Producing mobile applications to improve the customer experience is no longer a “nice-to-have” but is something that businesses need to stay relevant and innovative. Without an app, your business could miss out on opportunities to connect with your audience, boost sales, and increase credibility. Mobile applications offer customers the convenience of making purchases, paying bills, finding solutions, and much more. If your business doesn’t have an app, it could hinder your growth and ability to meet goals.

For the Insurance industry, developing a mobile app may seem challenging, but the secret lies in making the experience better for your customers. Take a look at these insurance companies and how they created innovations for their customers through mobile apps.

Car Insurance

  • GEICO is a car insurance company with a mobile app that includes special features that insurers and customers would find helpful. Some of these features include quick reporting of car damage by sending a photo through the app and informing the driver of the nearest available parking places through geolocation.
  • Allstate and Progressive are also car insurance companies that base the cost of insurance on their customer’s behavior, which they track through the app or smartphone usage.  
  • Metromile, on the other hand, offers pay-per-mile car insurance, making it an excellent option for those who drive their vehicles infrequently. In their business model, the monthly auto insurance premium a user would need to pay changes depending on the number of miles driven per month, which they track through the app.

Health Insurance

  • Oscar - a health insurance company - provides great customer support through its mobile applications. Their members even recognize them as one of the best in the health insurance industry because of it. The app offers personalized healthcare coverage through EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization), which means patients could get free service from all eligible partners.

Home Insurance

  • Neos is a smart home insurance provider that actively protects one’s home. It’s an easy-to-install app that gives homeowners peace of mind by detecting movement or loud noises inside the house. When it senses these, the camera turns on and lets the user see what is happening at home through the application.

Travel and Hardware Insurance

Revolut is a travel and hardware insurance provider that provides worldwide protection for devices and everyday accidents. Customers can get protection from every drop, breakage, cracked screen, liquid damage, and other breakdowns that your device could experience while in travel.

Users can also build unique insurance packages specially designed for their travel habits. Aside from travel insurance, users can also add medical insurance to their packages.

More importantly, the app allows customers to make payments in more than 30 countries with the split-and-settle bills feature to manage your group’s finances better.


If you are in the insurance industry and don’t have an app, this article should provide you with some inspiration and demonstrate the variety of features you can build. Today, most businesses have online and mobile apps and it’s important that you create one to stay competitive. Your business could be missing out on opportunities to grow and get new customers.
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